Pool Towel Rack Types

Pool towel rack is very important to hang up the towel before and after swimming. There are many types of pool towel rack that can be used to support activity of swimming. Swimming is an interesting sport activity that everyone likes to do. Every people commonly enjoy swimming when summer day. It becomes a great holiday for many people to spend their time on the swimming pool. They can spend their time by swimming or only sunbathing on the side of the swimming pool. When they enjoy swimming, they need a device to hang their towel up. The device they need called pool towel rack. This kind of device is very useful for the towel because when they hang the towel, the air pass over the towel easily and help to dry the towel. To make the towel dry easily, there are many types of pool towel rack that are appropriate to be used.

Pool Towel Rack Ladder Form


A towel ladder is a unique pool towel rack that can be applied to hang the towel up. The design looks like a ladder with three or four ladder steps to hang the towel in every step of the ladder. By using this type of towel rack, the towel that usually use for drying our body can be dried easily. In this case, the towels are able to absorb blowing air and sunlight because of the structure of the towel rack looks like a ladder step. In this type of towel rack, there are many towels can be hang up. This pool towel ladder can be leaned on the wall or free standing on the ground depends on the type of the ladder.



Pool towel rack in a form of shelf can be used to hang up the towel after usage. This type of pool towel rack is designed as a combination of towel bar and also storage shelf. The towel after usage can be hung up on the towel bar below the shelf to make it dry. The storage shelf is lying above the towel bar, so after the towel dry, we can put it into the shelf above.

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