Pool Sand Filter Different Types

Pool Sand Filter is something you must know. If you are a pool owner, you may be thinking: should you use pool sand filter or the other types? As you know, the swimming pool is prone to impurities and dirt. If you don’t clean regularly, big chance that your pool will be the source of all the mess and unhygienic stuffs. That’s why you need pool filter.

Pool Sand Filter and Different Types of Filters


Pool sand filter is just one type of the many other filters available for usage. Besides the pool filter sand, you also have the so called Cartridge Filter and Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Filter. Of course each type has their own specs, benefits, and flaws. In order to get the best filter that suits your needs, be sure to know the specifications of each type.

  • Sand filter. Water will be pushed to the container containing the sand, and then removed through a special tube located on the bottom. Through this mechanism, the dirty water will stay on the top while the clean one will exit through the bottom tube. When the sand is plugged, it will create pressure and the water flow will drop. To clean the filter, simply reverse the filter – known as backwashing the stuff.
  • Cartridge filter. Like a sieve, the cartridge will filter any impurities was water passes it by. It is considered as the economic and inexpensive filter. This kind of filter is generally not easily clogged up, so you can expect it to be long lasting.
  • DE filter. The filter is using fossilized diatoms. It is basically like a very tiny sieve that can filter out anything. it is usually more expensive than the other two.



Each pool owner has different need and requirements. Make sure that you have done thorough researches to find out which filter you like the most. Even when you have chosen the pool sand filter, don’t forget about the availability of pool sand filter parts.

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